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Customer review:    

     The overall experience was excellent.  The company was called and the estimator showed us as scheduled the following morning.  The contract for the work was signed to begin the following day and the following morning the crew arrived, as scheduled, and begin work immediately.  All workers seemed competent and new their respective jobs.  By the following afternoon the roof had been stripped and replaced.  Clean-up was excellent and all old materials removed.  Cost was as bid, the work was performed as promised and completed within 36 hours.  We would recommend this company to anyone.



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Customer review:

      This company put a roof on around 12 years ago and did an amazing job, with the storms over the years and this ungodly tree hanging over my roof, I had two leaks form.  I called and I had talked to a gentlemen who was completely nice and not even a few days after I called, two gentlemen who do their repairs came out THAT week. Matt and Mike were wonderful. I stood out there and watched him from start to finish "basically" while Matt and I talked about the growth of their business and how he was branching off to start making his own name in the industry but still stay under the same name, which I thought was awesome that the company would support him cause I think he'll go far.  While I was inside Matt went around my house reattaching all these pieces to my gutter downspouts plus another guy cleaned out all my gutters, Matt fixed my fence door and trimmed a few branches off of a tree that was to high for me to reach. BTW non of that extra stuff was in the bid. After they where done mike explained to me in detail the work done and showed me every tool and product he used.  Overall I would recommend this company again because of those guys. So impressed by their professionalism and knowledge. I will be calling back and referring them to everyone I know.

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